I started to make my own human hair extensions out of the necessity to help myself.
I started to lose my own hair volume and length dramatically at a young age.For unknown reason (I have studied and analyzed my diet in order to remedy the issue but to no avail:( I still continued to need help with my hair. I had to do something proactive-unless I was to accept defeat-very thin-no volume-no length hairdo (not an option!).It was a very trying, complicated and expensive process of searching all over the world for a hair extension that would blend into my own hair/head. That would also be comfortable to wear and in fact forgettable in the sense that the weft had to be not bulky either and the weft had to be thin enough to blend into my thinning hair. This was promised by all of the hair product manufactures that I found, bought and wore. Not true. No blending in occurred. It all looked fake to my own eyes and hands and scalp.
The hair that I spent a small fortune on fell into one of 3 categories:
1)Either the hair was real but so processed (I never bought processed hair knowingly-I bought Remy -virgin etc etc etc!) that after a few shampoos or washes the hair was in ruin. All the chemical processes that 'were not done on it' came undone and I was left with a tangled. shedding nightmare. Cuticles clearly not in the same direction.That did NOT blend in. Did not feel natural. Did not look nice. Did not FEEL good. Just simply looked and felt fake and artificial. Because these products were not the real thing. Plus always the potential of lice. Unsanitary.
2)The second scenario was the sophisticated plastics that almost seemed like hair (looked good on an advertisement but I'm not an ad!)but did not blend in to my own human hair because of the difference of texture, feel, and color. Plastics-I don't care how advanced plastic can be- its still plastic and does not blend in. Plus, I did't want to wear plastic!
3)Or the 'Human hair' was mohair/animal hair/who know what kinda hair. Not acceptable. Unsatisfied.This also would tangle and mat and end up very high maintenance.

So after a long while -I decided to research the possibility of making my own hair extensions my self.
After much studying I discovered a permanent-ENDLESS HAIR solution to my beauty problem:

I obtained real human hair within the USA.
Hair that had been shampooed and sanitized-no lice/clean/smelled pleasant.
Hair that had been cut from a ponytail from one donor.
All the cuticles in the same direction as it was in the ponytail on the donor's head.
Then I wefted THIS hair. The end result was a beautiful gorgeous head of human hair!
This hair- because it is actually simply human hair, has no issues. Just sew on the clips.
The extension can be installed anyway you want. Sewn, braids. clips. Treat the hair as you treat the hair that is growing on your own head. No extra processes or attention is needed. Will last as long as human hair does. You should of course-clean and condition as your own hair. Brush or comb gently as your own hair.
That's it.
Enjoy Endlessly!

NOTE: I do custom orders. Any length, texture.color. Please feel free to contact for request details!